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Harmony Food

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The very best – all in good time.

There is a season for everything. When nature is at it’s best and its most healthy. Harmony in food means eating on a natural timeline, and enjoying the very best that nature has to offer, when it offers it. Harmony Avs offer a range of 12 avocados at the time of year when they are at their most flavourful.

Amilinda Wilkinson,
The Little Hedonist

Food writer, blogger and photographer

A small town girl with a taste for the indulgent. Amilinda Wilkinson, AKA The Little Hedonist, loves all things culinary and puts her passion for food into words. She writes about wine. About food. About experiences and events. Anything and everything that makes this beautifully fragile life worth living.

Health and festivities – how to make guilt-free choices this summer

We work so hard the whole year when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices and decisions, only for it to, very often, be lost over one too many mince pies during the summer holidays.

How can we carry through our healthy habits into the festive season? I’ve put together some great tips, with the help of ZZ2 Afrikado Harmony Avs, on how you can make healthier choices whilst on holiday – whether away or at home!


HASS you got your avs for October?

With Harmony Avs, you can eat locally grown avocados all year round.  ZZ2Afrikado is now making it possible to have this super food available at your finger tips all year round.  They have 12 varietals that ripen at different times of the year so that you can have locally grown avos all the time and at any time.


Harmony Lifestyle

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Get out what you put in.

The harmony life is one of balance. It’s about friendship, good health and good times. It’s about feeling and doing your best for your body and your life. It’s about getting out what you put in – only the best. Living in harmony means being in sync with nature, with people, with yourself.

Crystal Espin


After many years of working as an Editor and writer for popular lifestyle websites, Crystal followed her dream of creating a website for the intellectual and discerning woman. Today she spends her time chasing the thrill of being the first to know about ‘the next big thing’. She’ll try anything once and has been known to put her body, hair and health on the line — all in the name of research.

Top Tips for Healthier Festive Season Eating 

The festive season is a time for spending time with family and friends, enjoying great food, and creating lifelong memories. But, as much as the December-January period offers many people a much-needed break from their everyday routine, the holidays aren’t always compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s easy to get a little lax on the healthy eating habits and exercise routine that we typically maintain. Couple that with the stress of the holidays and all those festive parties, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Harmony Nutrition

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Live in harmony with your body.

Harmony Avs mean that you get the very best avocados have to offer all throughout the year. Avocados are bursting with good health. They contain more potassium than bananas, they contain the ‘good kind of fat’ which helps lower cholesterol, they have anti-oxidants to help fight cancer, and are rich in folate, magnesium and more.

Fitness coach. Physiotherapist. Wife. Mother.

Christy Ann is a Body Coach with the motto “Believe, Move, Nourish.” She believes that a fit and healthy lifestyle is a balance between thinking right, staying active and eating well. She started her health and wellness blog focusing on adding value to other women’s lives by sharing healthful information for women, particularly moms.

Sponsored by ZZ2 Afrikado, The Harmony Avs movement is now underway.  Getting excited about being in harmony with nature is the popular fitness enthusiast, body coach and qualified physiotherapist, Christy, from, who will be creating some nutritious seasonal avocado recipes for us all to enjoy.